Products We Handle
We handle a cross section of Products catering to a large no. of industries for wide ranging applications.

Acrylates/Styrene Acrylate

Alumina Cement


Cocoa Powder

Expanded Polystyrene (CEPS)

Hydrocarbon Resin

Light Stabilizer UV Observer


Non Phosphate Additive

Oat Fiber

Optical Brightener

Phosphate Salts - SAPP/STPP/BLEND 

Polyamide Resin-Nylon 6/Nylon 6,6

Polyester Resin

PVC Resin (Emulsion / Suspension / Copolymers)

Redispensible Powder

SB Latex

Super Plasticizers

Tie Layer

Wheat Fiber

White  Masterbatch