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DO has been extending Professionalized Export Services to many of the Medium and Small scale companies, cutting across all the industry sectors in India, for export of their products and services.

DO’s experts are qualified, experienced, have in depth knowledge of the export formalities,  regulatory requirements & buying behavior of several importing countries, well versed with different INCO supply terms and familiar with various payment terms.

We have excellent relations with Shipping Lines, Freight Forwarders, Transporters Customs clearing agents in several countries and are capable to handle any export related issues.

Our expertise include handling of International Tenders for the supply of Chemicals, Electrical components, Packaging materials, and Engineering Equipment.

 DO can arrange Quality and Shipment Inspection by Internationally reputed Inspection Agencies  to meet the requirements of demanding importers.

DO’s experts are also experienced to handle Merchant Exports, involving sourcing from third countries.

The group adds value through:

  • Global contact base to cut down market entry time
  • Professional approach and emphasis on developing strategic relationships
  • Help clients to improve back end, to improve their ability to deliver
  • Multiple business models to suit customer needs

DO’s success stories in Exports are: Raw Material for Pearl Pigments, Catalysts for PU, Coatings for Food Packaging, Modified Resins (phenolic & formaldehyde) and Specialty Pigments & Additives, FMCG Raw materials, Leather Chemicals, Chemicals for Sugar Industry, Packaging Material and Electrical components. Several of the exports transactions have been through International Tenders.

Our sourcing success from third countries include DAP, MAP & MELAMINE and many other products.

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